Congrats Stelios!

We are more than proud of Stelios Papadopoulos who was awarded as the first non Mexican Tequila Connoisseur! Stelios was awarded on September 15 during the celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day. We were very lucky that Stelios was by our side when we created our tequileria bars in 2011 and has been with us since then, helping us with our cocktail recipes. We can’t wait to check the new cocktail list his is preparing for Amigos lately. 

Ιπτάμενος και Amigo
Ιπτάμενος και Amigo
Flying and Amigo

Amigos celebrated their 20 years by holding a very successful contest! 2336 people took part in the contest and 64 of them won amazing gifts. Felix Valianos, the big winner, won a trip for two persons to Mexico! Congrats Fexil!

20 χρόνια Amigos!
20 χρόνια Amigos!
20 years Amigos!

At Amigos we celebrate 20 years full of tasteful journeys to Mexico, the most amazing country of the world! Don’t miss our great party at on December 17 Amigos Glyfada and the chance to win a two-person trip to Mexico and lots of other gifts through our contest «An officer and an… Amigo!». Stay tuned!

Ημέρα των Νεκρών. Φέρνουμε το πνεύμα της γιορτής στα Amigos!
Ημέρα των Νεκρών. Φέρνουμε το πνεύμα της γιορτής στα Amigos!
Day of the dead. We bring the spirit of the holiday at Amigos.

Dia De Los Muertes or “The Day of the dead” is one of the most famous holidays of Mexico. According to the Mexican tradition, the spirits of the dead return to their families to spend the day with them and have some fun!

Amigos Restaurants will bring the spirit of the holiday on November 4, at Amigos Nea Smirni and on November 5, at Amigos Glyfada. We invite you to celebrate with us on two nights full of Live Salsa, face painting and Jose Cuervo tequila!

Check our last Dia De Los Muertes party!